Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mass Effect- Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn

Hang about (I hear you cry), this is supposed to be a site about books, literature, instead we get some kind of trashy game spin off, explain yourself highlander......
Okay, I don't play a lot of computer games, never have done, my attention span is such that if I don't complete a game without being killed I probably won't play it again, but the idea of games now that's a different matter. Why, with only a bit of imagination I can become my favourite book hero and take on all comers, great... until I get killed again!
So my game playing is selective, what I want is escapism, not some convoluted management strategy whats it, or some complex fantasy where you need to play for 3 years to reach level2. I want a game where I can switch on and within minutes be killing aliens, orcs or (insert favourite baddy here). Of course if the game has a story then its almost like (i wonder if anyone has thought of this!) interactive fiction. Well that's the theory, it never works that way, by the time you've got the installation, loading, settings etc out of the way I've usually given up and the magic has gone, but the weird thing is I keep trying. So along comes the latest and greatest scifi game this side of Wing Commander and what do you know I'm out there shooting aliens again. Mass Effect, the game is big, full of big ideas, big ships, big worlds and big guns. Clearly a lot of effort has gone into the game much of which is directed towards creating a believable world and deep back story (hey isn't that a job for a book) well yes and hey presto here it is. Now given that my teenage years are a dim and distant memory, it was with some trepidation that I approached the checkout with this book ( I could see the assistant sniggering, all the cliches nerd, geek were forming in his, obviously superior mind) luckily I had my son with me so just said it was for him and legged it out of there before you could say warhammer.

Hey Highlander, were halfway down the page here, where's the review..

Oh the review, right, I knew there was something. Well a detailed summation then... its okay, seriously not too bad, not too good just okay. Clearly the bulk of the world creation, races and characters (some from the game) are already in place so not much work needed there.. Plot, well yes there is one but its not brilliant. It forms part of the games back story so really to get anything out of it, read the book play the game and its fine. Kind of like a standalone episode of (insert favourite generic scifi show here). So a guilty pleasure, good holiday read, scifi lite if you will. Now wheres that joystick, I'm off to bag me some alien...

Rating 3 out of 5


XoXoX.Sara.Leslie.XoXoX. said...

lol - funnyfunny.

Dark Wolf said...

Nice blog, Colin. Good luck and happy blogging :)
Thank you for the link, I'll add yours to my blogroll today.